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Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

Select a category for tips on how to care for your vehicle.

Body Shine

Our harsh climate and polluted air can dull paintwork after a while, which is why polishing is necessary to protect the finish. To achieve the glossy showroom look, a coat of wax does wonders. Let "Toyota Body Shine" do the all the work, using only the best materials to make your car look brand-new.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades wear down over time and smear the windscreen, so it's good practice to replace them at least once a year for optimal performance. Make sure your car has enough windshield washer fluid. "Toyota Windshield Washer Fluid" helps to remove dirt and enhance wiper blade action.

Air Conditioner

Why does the air conditioner need to be cleaned?

Evaporator and condenser fins can accumulate dirt and dust from surroundings, which can reduce air flow and cooling capacity. Regular cleaning can help prolong the life span of your car's air conditioning system.

How to use an air conditioner to its optimum condition?

- Set the temperature on the control panel to maximum
- Set fan speed to maximum
- Set air-inlet control to recirculation and air-flow to face mode


When is the battery being used?

- Starting the engine
- Turning on the air conditioner
- Turning on the headlights
- Listening to the radio or putting on a CD

What are the factors that can put extra stress on the battery?

- Constantly using the air conditioner
- Using many electrical devices
- Frequently driving in heavy traffic
- Frequently driving at night
- Using your car only occasionally or only for short trips

We recommend inspection in the following scenarios:

- Your car hasn't been starting properly
- The power windows have been slow to open and close
- The headlights haven't been as bright when the car is stationary

Engine Oil

Check the dipstick regularly, especially before any long journey.The oil level should be at least midway between low and full. Change your engine oil and filter at the recommended service intervals.

"Toyota Genuine Motor Oil" is specially formulated by Toyota for your Toyota vehicle.

Fuel Injector Cleaner

Over time, carbon deposits build up in fuel injectors, affecting the injector spray performance and increasing emission.

"Toyota Fuel Injector Cleaner" works hard to thoroughly remove carbon deposits to achieve better performance and smoother engine start-ups.

Genuine Parts

They may look the same, but it only takes a single fake part to damage your Toyota or potentially endanger your life. Make the right choice and avoid fakes. Always insist on Toyota Genuine Parts.

Benefit of Toyota Genuine Parts:

1. Specifically made for your vehicle
2. Subjected to Toyota's exacting quality and reliability standards
3. Accompanied by Toyota's full warranty (1 year)

Periodic Maintenance

By carrying out periodic maintenance, the following results can be achieved, ensuring the customer's trust and peace of mind:

1. Avoiding much larger problems that may occur with the vehicle
2. Extending the lifespan of the vehicle
3. Enjoying an economic and safer driving experience

"Toyota Maxcheck" is designed to take care of your Toyota's unique needs inside and out. Our well-trained technician inspects up to 38 checkpoints on the important parts of your vehicle (engine, transmission, electrical, braking system, chassis and suspension).

Tyre Safety

Tips for Tyre Safety

1. Check tyre pressure monthly
2. For every 10,000 km:
- Rotate tyre position
- Conduct wheel alignment and balancing

Tyre Maintenance Checklist

1. Air pressure
2. Tread depth
3. Spare tyre condition
4. Tyre wear
5. Cuts and chips on tyre

Do Not

1. Overinflate your tyre
2. Use tyre with low pressure
3. Overload your vehicle

Wheel Alignment

You should check wheel alignment at intervals of 10,000 km to avoid the following:

1. Hitting a sizable object on the road
2. Replacing suspension or steering parts
3. A difference in vehicle's handling or steering
4. A wear pattern developing on tyre shoulder
5. Vehicle pulling or drifting to one side on a straight, flat road
6. Steering not centred when driving in a straight line
7. Steering wheel not returning easily after making a turn

Why is wheel alignment important?

1. To minimise wear and tear
2. To maximise driver and passenger comfort
3. To improve handling and driving safety
4. To reduce steering and stability problems
5. To increase tyre lifespan and performance, thus improving fuel economy

Wheel Balancing

Why is wheel balancing important?

1. Reduce imperfections and blemishes in the rubber
2. Prevent damage to a tyre or rim that may cause "imbalance" to the tyre-rim combination
3. Prevent one section of the tyre or rim from becoming heavier

When should you do wheel balancing?

1. When you feel the steering wheel vibrate
2. When you feel the whole vehicle body bouncing or vibrating
3. When you replace a tyre (new or used)